The Ojai Digital Dojo

dojoWe are the media. All of us, big and small. Independent or corporate. Personal workshops and services that empower people to be the media is what the Ojai Digital Dojo is all about. Founded in a beautiful Japanese styled martial arts studio in 2005 by Markus Sandy and Alicia Shay, the Digital Dojo is a magical place to learn about finding, creating and sharing personal media over the web. Media distribution in the digital age will make for great change in the very near future and you can bet that this revolution will be televised. The Digital Dojo is also a Node 101 affiliate.

The Digital Dojo has been the site of several wonderful events, workshops and meet-ups. We are fortunate to be the stewards of these beautiful gardens and buildings and love to share them with others. From Vloggercues to Super Happy Vlog Houses to Hack-a-thons. the Dojo and gardens provide a great environment for making media and friends.

Located between orange orchards, the Digital Dojo is next to the Ventura River Nature Preserve, a great place for photo-walks and nature photography. Vegetable and rose gardens provide many special places at the Dojo. Over a dozen varieties of Bamboo are cultivated on the grounds. Wildlife such as deer, coyote, raccoons, hawks, falcons, owls and hummingbirds are common sightings on the dojo grounds.
alicia by stream bed

Alicia is a water color artist when she can be and a java network programmer when she has to be. She and Markus love to share the beauty and magic of the Digital Dojo, personal media and the surrounding Ojai countryside and wilderness. Alicia's vlog is called "Alicia Coral".

Alicia also works as a web designer, flash animator and programmer. On of her current WordPress projects is America In Denial. Alicia is particularly found of animals, especially our Shelties, chikens and cats (and soon chickens and goats).

Markus shares his experiences through video and other forms of media at his personal videoblog at Apperceptions. Markus also acts as an adviser and coordinator to several media organizations, including OurMedia, HaveMoneyWillVlog, ShowInABox, MediaMobz and Outhink. He also is a moderator for the popular Yahoo! Videoblogging Group and a reporter for We Are The Media.

Markus is a popular teacher and presenter; he is a member of the Meet The Vloggers team well known for their entertaining Apple Store and new media school presentations. Markus participates in a number of social media events, including Pixelodeon, Vloggercon, the Santa Barbara Forum on Digital Transitions and the Ojai Valley Film Festival. Recently, Markus has been active in Public Access Television, teaching for SB Channels 17 & 21 and advising the City of Ojai on the management transition of local cable Channel 10 from Time-Warner, where he has been involved with public access TV production. Markus is also an advisor and participant in the Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television, and New Media's Digital Ocean drupal project at UC Santa Barbara.

Markus enjoys working with Drupal and has been an active member in the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara user groups. He has participated, sponsored and/or helped organize various events, including BarCampLA and DrupalCampLA. He is also a rabid WordPress developer.

In another life, Markus was a Chief Applications Architect for Apperceive and Outhink, plus a popular instructor for the University of California at Santa Barbara and the US Navy at China Lake. Today, Markus concentrates on teaching and empowering others to pursue their creative passions and to help build online communities. In many ways, Markus has become a "Digital Urban Planner". An Ojai resident for almost 15 years. His personal passion is centered around traditional Japanese woodworking tools and techniques.